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Yiddish Folk Music Legacy Full Song Preview

Click play for a special sneak song of one of our yet to be released "Zingt Zhe Kinder!" album. 

Order your album today!  Album Cover Design by Foreverbird Studio

Order your album today!  Album Cover Design by Foreverbird Studio

Come join my latest production shtik "A Yiddish Folk Music Legacy" NO BUPKES! Be a Mensch and Support our efforts and order this amazing benefit album via Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara.  See a slideshow preview 

Lorraine Gutenplan Silverberg Klein has been working on an album of Yiddish folk tunes, which is not only a legacy but also a benefit album. Lorraine grew up singing this music - in a language that is now threatening to die out. Her efforts to keep it alive will not only benefit her grandchildren, but all of us - and I'm not just talking about those few words we all know and love to use.  Be a "mensch" and do a "mazel" of a mitzvah. The album comes with an opportunity to learn a scarce language, which will include Yiddish transliterations and English translations.  Thanks for your continued support!