Yiddish Folk Music Release 1 Year Anniversary - Happy Hanukkah

It has been quite a journey, and such a wonderful experience putting together a full production... all aspects coordinated by GuitarWitt. From arranging the design, drafting the booklet, studio time with the musicians, sound engineering, performances to marketing, campaigning and outreach... producing an album is a huge effort. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way:  Foreverbird Studio, Jessica Rea, Kelsey Crews Photo, MultiMartinMusic, Nancy Friedland, Alan Moses, Emily Hara, all supporters, the Jewish Federation and entire Santa Barbara Community .. and most of all - Lorraine Klein!  We created a Yiddish legacy, raised money that went back to the community and have sent the album to libraries all over the United States, including now being cataloged in the Library of Congress. The album is great for holiday gifts! Order it here

In honor and celebration of Chanukah:


Oh, you little candles,

You tell tales of long ago,

Stories without end.

You tell of bloodshed,

Skill and courage,

Wonders of the past.

When I see you sparkling,

A dream appears to me,

An old vision speaks.

Jew, you were once in battle,

Jew, you were once victorious,

God, it is hard to believe.

 Oh, you little candles,

Your history,

Awakens my anguish.

Deep in my heart there stirs

A tearful question,

What will happen now?

Yiddish transliteration:


Words: Morris Rosenfeld

Music:  Zavel Zilberts

O, ir kleyne likhtelekh,

Ir dertseylt geshikhtelekh,

Mayselekh on a tsol.
Ir dertseylt fun blutikeyt,
Beryeshaft un mutikeyt,

Vunder fun amol.

Ven ikh ze aykh finklendik,

Kumt a kholem pintlendik,

Ret an alter troym.

Yid, du host gekrigt amol,

Yid, du host gezigt amol,

O, ir kleyne likhtelekh,

Got, dos gloybt zikh koym. 

Ayere geshikhtelekh,

Vekn oyf mayn payn.

Tif in harts bavegt es zikh,

Un mit trern fregt es zikh,

Vos vet itster zayn?