1973 Garcia Guitar Gift

I'm really enjoying playing this classical guitar a very generous person gave to me as a gift recently. It has aged like fine Santa Barbara wine. The Spanish guitar was built in 1973 and was cared for and played by a local collector. It means so much to be thought of as someone who should be playing this particular instrument. Although Garcia guitars are not high end boutique level guitars, they are built very well and sound and play beautifully. Deep rich overtones sing through the 43 year old instrument as it is finessed through classical GuitarWitt repertoire. I bet Jerry Garcia would have appreciated one. There is no real relevance to Jerry Garcia other than the name coincidence. It is an honor to have such an instrument and even more meaningful every time I pick it up, to know that the fate of the instrument found the hands it belongs in. It is really awesome to feel the love from our local arts and music community, and many thanks for all the amazing support!