Santa Barbara's GuitarWitt Plays Leo Brouwer's Estudio Sencillos III, Classical Guitar Study, Recorded on GoPro Hero 4 Music

GuitarWitt rendition of etude III de estudios sencillos Courtesy of the great Cuban Classical Composer, Mentor and Performer Leo Brouwer (born 1939). Brouwer composed some of the best classical guitar technique building blocks with his 20 Estudios, among many other incredible fully scored compositions.  The first 10 studies were written 1959-1961, and are critically acclaimed. Brouwer is greatly respected in Cuba and internationally. He is one of my favorite composers... his early compositions are a fusion of avant garde influence, like that of Igor Stravinsky, slightly atonal, very colorful, yet with recognizable Cuban folk melodies shining through.

GOPRO video extreme close up experiment with the new Hero 4 Music Edition.